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Teletracker - Easy to use call tracking systemWhy do i need teletracker 

You probably believe you already run a tight operation so don’t see the need to track inbound sales calls. All of our customers used to believe this, until they tried a few numbers and experienced the real power of Teletracker. We give you knowledge.

Teletracker takes away the guessing about your business so you can make plans based on fact and real-time data.

How does it work

We’ve done all the hard work with years of development. All you do is add a different Teletracker phone number to your promotions and forward the calls to your switchboard or sales team. We’ve got millions of numbers to choose from for hundreds of towns and cities. As customers call, the Teletracker metrics immediately show your activity within the control panel 24/7.

Is it easy to use

We’ve designed Teletracker for very busy, non-technical people. You can be up and running in minutes by yourself, or we can set things up for you if you prefer. All the reports within the control panel start working as soon as you start using the numbers and you can have daily, weekly or monthly email updates too. Everything is easy and at your fingertips.

Can i monitor my team

Yes. You will be amazed at how many calls are missed on any normal working day. And if you think of them as missed leads or missed sales opportunities, because that’s what they are, you will fully appreciate the automated email notifications of missed call activity. We know that many callers do NOT call back!
You are also able to use the Teletracker tools to analyse unanswered calls only, ie not actually answered by a real person to see the weak times and days of your operation so you can take remedial action.

Is it Expensive

No. Teletracker only exists if we give you true ROI. We know that being a top manager is about being in control and having great tools to provide you with important information about key functions of the business. We’ve bundled lots of functionality into the Teletracker system to help keep you at the top of your game so you can get on and make top decisions.

Yes. We have a 30 day money-back guarantee and we have monthly options for volume buyers.  It is risk-free. If you become a Partner and introduce Teletracker to others, we will pay you and you could even receive a free system!



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